Video Leads Machine Pre-Launch Webinar Invitation

Video Leads machine

Join The Pre-launch Webinar for Video Leads Machine Monday at 10 A.M. EST…

The buzz is growing about Video Leads Machine, a brand-new approach to using AUTHORITY to attract high quality leads, dying to invest in what you (or any business) has to offer…

Todd Gross, Video Marketing Expert, and David Sprague from Strategic Marketing have joined forces to develop a system that combines a “unique” type of VIDEO with a proven formula to help ANY business create INSTANT authority that can be used to generate leads and convert those leads into paying customers.

No stone goes left unturned with this amazing new system that EVERY business can benefit from having! See it live and get a special sneak peek, a chance to get the ENTIRE system for free, and much, much more… IT’S GOING TO BE BIG! Click below to join this special LIVE event Monday, November 1st at 10 A.M. ET…

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Here’s the full story!

You know Todd Gross the video marketing expert, and one of the first to bring video to the Internet marketplace? He gained his authority through VIDEO! It’s how he “jumped” to the head of the line as the expert in video!

And now he wants to show YOU how it’s done…along with David Sprague, the EXPERT on Authority training!

It’s the “Missing Puzzle Piece” for Your Business…the software and training that will make you an instant authority in any niche you can imagine..

Not convinced that your sales will skyrocket if you gain instant authority?

Let me ask you.. WHY do so many people choose to buy from one brand, and not another if the product is the same?

It’s all about reputation and trust, also known as AUTHORITY! (Of course!)

That’s right, without having authority, your business just won’t be able to reach its full potential. People buy from those they trust. 

So if it’s the missing puzzle piece that will step up my business to a new, higher level than ever before, how do I get authority??

Don’t worry… Todd Gross and David Sprague of Strategic Marketing have you covered!

VideoLeads Machine is the ALL IN ONE package that allows you to harness the power of Video to boost your Authority and take your business to the next level, no matter what niche you’re in!

Want to see examples of success? Want to learn all about the bonuses included in this exclusive Video Leads Machine package?