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What is the Legacy Builder Program? Why I Joined and What Can it Do For You!

Imagine if you could… Make full-time income online following a 2 hour work day! Work from anywhere in the world from your phone! Have more freedom and time to spend doing the things you love! Work less and have more! Travel the world while making passive income! Change many people’s lives all over the world…

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What Are Affiliate Marketing Cookies?

Discover what affiliate marketing cookies are and how they work. Learn about their purpose, types, benefits, and limitations. Explore cookie attribution models and tools for managing affiliate marketing cookies. Understand the future and best practices of affiliate marketing cookies.

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What Is Affiliate Tracking?

Discover what affiliate tracking is and how it plays a pivotal role in affiliate marketing. Learn about pixel tracking, server-side tracking, and cookie tracking methods, as well as common challenges and future advancements in tracking technology. Boost your profits with effective affiliate tracking strategies.

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