BC Stack Review 2018 | A Massive Collection of 65 Products Aimed At Making You a Better Digital Marketer


Are you searching for information about BC Stack?  Wondering what it’s all about? Well, you’ve come to the right blog post.  In this BC Stack review post, I am going to go over what is BC Stack, what is included in it, the cost and who it is for.

So continue reading to learn more. 🙂    Don’t feel like reading this full review and want to go straight to the sales page?  Check out the Quick Review section below for the website link.

BC Stack Review 2018 – Quick Overview

  • Creator: Dan R. Morris and Rachel Marie Martin
  • Niche: Product Creation and Digital Marketing
  • Product Type: E-Books, Courses, Software, Videos, Coaching and More
  • Launch Day(s): 07-08-2018 to 07-13-2018
  • Price: $37
  • Upsells: NONE
  • Bonuses: Yes (see below)
  • Website: Click Here
  • My Overall Rating

So What is “BC Stack”?

BC Stack is a collection of knowledge in the form of courses, ebooks, videos, webinars, tech support, personal coaching and even $50 to use to hire an outsourcer – all aimed at making you a better Digital Marketer.  You get 65 products from 65 leaders in the digital marketing world.

The people behind BC Stack are Dan Morris and Rachel Martin.  They are the creators and authors of BloggingConcentrated.com home of four shows/events they host each year to help business owners improve their income and business models.

Dan Moriss and Rachel Martin

BC Stack’s number one goal is to help you sell more of your products/services, drive more traffic and convert more clients by educating you about digital marketing.

What is included in “BC Stack”?

When you purchase BC stack, you are going to get a massive collection of knowledge in the form of courses, ebooks, videos, webinars, tech support, personal coaching and even $50 to use to hire an outsourcer (see image below).  A total of 65 products are included.  Take a look at how the “stack” is broken down.

Here is a detailed list of some of the products included inside BC Stack:

  • Market Domination for Podcasting by Seth Greene
  • 10 Successful Marketing Case Studies by Matt Astifan
  • The Power of Marketing Membership by Hernan Vasquez
  • Business Authorities Formula Masterclass by Johann Noguiera
  • The Power of Lean Thinking by Chameleogenics UK
  • Easily Build Facebook Messenger Chatbots by Chatbots_Builder.com
  • Write a Book (in a weekend)! by Donna Kozik
  • High Return on Happiness by Ellany Lea
  • Create Recurring Revenue with Phyical Products by Matt Kostan
  • The Giant Blogging Bundle by Sarah Titus
  • The Ultimate Kindle Course by Rachel Rofe
  • Bootstrap Freelancing Video Workshop + Bonus by Chad Fullerton
  • Digital Writers Fast Results Course from Mary Jacksh
  • Digital Nomad & Travel Blogging Mastery by Scott Paton & Ricky Shetty
  • How to Turn Your Book Into A Course by Jean R Lanoue
  • Really Simple Membership Sites by Connie Ragen Green
  • SEO Masterclass for Authors by Miral Satter of Bibliocrunch
  • Build Your Tribe with Juicy Joint Ventures by Adela Rubio
  • Intimidation Crusher by Kelly McCausey
  • From Employee to Entrepreneur by Colin Yearwood
  • Copywriting Masterclass by John Colley
  • 5 Ready to Use Content Bundles for Your Business by April Lemarr
  • The Ultimate Guide to the Business of Blogging by Type A Parent
  • Interviewing with Purpose (Mini Training for Podcasters) by Annemarie Cross
  • Email List Building ToolKit by Leann Webster
  • Online Business Abundance by Gabrielle Spencer
  • Unleash the Creator Within by Lee Collins
  • Ultimate Photography Book for Bloggers by Aniko Leavai Photography
  • Press Release Success Template by Amanda Ruiz
  • What & How to Post on Facebook for Client Attraction by Juliette Stapleton
  • Sell Thousands from Any Platform by Kathleen Gage
  • Quickly Outsource Any Task to a Reliable Online Freelancer by Freeup.com
  • One Day Live Stream Ticket to Creative Supernova by Justin Cunningham
  • The Digital Marketers Quick Start Guide To Funnels by Cindy Bindar
  • Passive Income Planner by CoachGlue.com
  • The Six Week Recipe For Creating Digital Products by Kerry Beck
  • Get a Professional Looking Blog from Matthew Kaboomis Loomis
  • Worse Than Useless – How to Avoid Awful Testimonials (and get great ones every time) by Jeremy Pope
  • Sweet Blended by Prerna Malik
  • Turn Your Blog into a Business by KitchenBlogger.com
  • The No Stress Way to Launch Your Product Successfully Without Doing a Typical Launch by Gene Pimentel
  • Branding Yourself and Your Digital Business by Angela Wills
  • Quickly Outsource Any Task to a Reliable Online Freelancer by Freeup.com
  • How to Create Your First Promoted Pin Campaign by Monica Froese
  • The Path To Success is Through Renewal by Shelagh Cummins
  • Converting Media Kit Video Training from Jenny Melrose
  • Segment Your Audience with Messenger Chat Funnels by Rachel Miller
  • Online Video Marketing Training by Simon Fawkes
  • Scripting and Storyboarding a Website, Product, and or Youtube – Intro Video by Michelle Schoen
  • Social Media Love (14 Day Challenge) from Dr. Aikyna Finch
  • Derailing Negavitiy by Tammy York
  • Article Writer’s Toolkit by Gary McLaren
  • Self Confidence Transformation by Jennifer Henczel
  • The Better Way To Build a Remote Team by Kim Beasley
  • Livestream U by Internet Famous VIP
  • How to Successfully Market An Amazon Best Seller by Rob Cubbon
  • How Knowing Your Customer Avatar Improves Your Website Conversions by Kurt Scholle
  • $37 Gift Certificate to a Private Label Rights Content Catalog by Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers
  • Pinterest Pin Signals by Jennifer Ledbetter
  • SEO For Content Creators by Alea Milham
  • Blog Plan Course & Blog by the Numbers Ebook by Suzi Whitford
  • Make Your Own Ebook & Opt-In Template from Lena Gott
  • How to Make Money from Blogging by From Sharon Gourlay
  • Cracking the Code on the Amazon Associates Program by Ashli Dawn

As you can see it’s a massive list of topics, tools and services you will be able to get your hands on when you purchase BC Stack.  This can be extremely overwhelming for some people as it will be hard to find the time to get through a large collection like this.  My advice to you is to focus only on the products you feel will best meet your needs.  If you only go through or use 3 to 5 products out this collection that helped move your business forward in the right direction then you would have received you money’s worth.

Cost and Bonuses of “BC Stack”

Now brace yourself! The cost of BC Stack is only $37! Yes, you read this right. It’s an incredible price for all that is included.  Now, there are no bonuses from the vendor as this is already a massive collection of products as it is, BUT if you purchase from me, I’ll thrown in the following two bonuses:

  1. Receive 1 Hour Free Coaching or Tech Support Call with me to ask questions or get support for setting up a lead generation or sales funnel for your business product or service.
    2. FREE DFY Branded Funnel when you partner with me in Builderall – The Ultimate Internet Marketing Platform

Just be sure to contact me on via my contact form on my website and provide your
best email address and a copy of your paypal receipt.  I will send you a link to schedule our coaching coach and link to the DFY Branded Funnel you can edit immediately with your trial membership to Builderall.

Is “BC Stack” right for you?

If you are an author, coach, speaker, blogger, vlogger, podcaster, freelancer or solopreneur that struggles with reaching the right people to buy your products or services, then this product is perfect for you.

As the creator’s of BC Stack said it so perfectly on their website:
“You have so much passion for what you do. But being good at your craft is not enough.

If you’re going to help people, change people’s lives, make people smile you have to become a proficient Digital Marketer. 

Even if you plan to hire people, you can’t live in the dark. Because if you do you’ll have no way to judge if what you’re being charged is fair. 

You need to understand video, podcasting, blogging, selling digital and physical products, using social media, how to launch a product . . . and even how to build a virtual team of consultants. 

I know you are good at what you do. What I want to do is introduce you to people that are experts in getting people to pay for your knowledge.” 

With that being said, when you grab BC Stack, you will gain access to 65 products in various digital marketing topics that will show you how to sell more of your products or services, drive traffic to your website or funnels and convert more clients. These products are from talented and successful leaders in the product creation and digital marketing space sharing their knowledge with you so you can cut the learning curve.

So much for one incredible low price of $37 and it will only be available for 5 days only! July 8 to 13th. Don’t delay and get this phenomenal deal today.