WP StyleAzon Review | The Quickest Way to Add Amazon Products to Your Blog and Monetize

In this review for the WP StyleAzon Wordpress plugin, you’ll learn about a nifty little WordPress plugin that allows you to add Amazon Affiliate products to your website and blog posts on the fly very quickly so can monetize like a boss.

Amazon is a beast and the largest retailer online.  Many affiliate marketers and bloggers flock to Amazon to become an Amazon Associate.  Marketers and bloggers use Amazon as a source of income for their online ventures.  They are always looking for tools that can help them monetize with Amazon especially made for WordPress sites which is the mostly widely use platform for building websites and blogs.  Kurt Chrisler was aware of this need and created WP StyleAzon.

If you’ve ever tried to add Amazon ads from Amazon itself, you know they never really look great on websites and stand out like a sore thumb.  This is why Kurt developed this plugin to solve this huge problem.  This plugin claims to install in one click, add high converting Amazon Products ads to your site with various styles to choose from and get you higher conversions, more sales and more commissions on autopilot.  See it in action in the video below.

WP StyleAzon Review – Quick Overview

  • Creator: Kurt Chrisler
  • Niche: Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Type: WordPress Plugin
  • Launch Day: 12-8-17
  • Price: $17.95
  • Upsells: Yes, $27 – $67
  • Bonuses: No
  • Website: Click Here
  • My Overall Rating


Features of “WP StyleAzon”

Exactly what do you get when you purchase this WordPress Plugin:

  • Quick Video Tutorial on the use of the plugin
  • Fully Customizable
    • Allows you to customize the buy button text, color and text color to match your site
    • 8 High Converting Templates to Choose
  • Works on Any theme
  • Responsive and mobile optimized
  • Unlimited Site License to use the plugin
  • Ongoing support and updates
  • 30 Day Guarantee

With this plugin, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Enter your chosen keyword to find Amazon products
  • Select the product you want to promote
  • Insert shortcode into post and let WP StyleAzon do all the work

Here are just some of the best ways you can use this plugin:

  • Create a mini shop page with your favorite Amazon products
  • Create a ‘Resources’ page on your website and feature your highly recommended products
  • Monetize your blog posts by adding Amazon products to the end of your posts or in between your posts.
  • Add Amazon Products to your sidebar
  • Review an Amazon product and then insert the short code to that product in your posts

8 Amazon Ad Styles To Choose

Cost of “WP StyleAzon”

The cost of the plugin is $17.95. The Upsell is $27 and it is for the Developers License to the plugin.  The next upsell is for $27/per month for Kurt’s monthly membership site “iMarketers Club” where you get access to all of his past and future plugins and info products related to Amazon and affiliate marketing.  Lastly, an upsell to the Resellers License to WP StyleAzon for $67 so you can sell it and make 100% commission.  No Bonuses are offered by the vendor.

Is “WP StyleAzon” WordPress Plugin right for you?

If you are an Amazon Affiliate marketer or blogger looking to monetize with Amazon products, then this plugin is for you.  No more messing with complicated themes or tools just to sell Amazon products from your website.  All you need to do is install this plugin, choose your keyword, grab the short code and paste anywhere on your website or blog post.  That’s how simple it is!  Sounds great? 🙂  I love this plugin and use them on my personal sites.  You’ll love it.  Don’t delay and get this plugin now. Click the button below.  As always, do not hesitate to reach out if I could be of help to you.

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