TextBot AI Review – Legit or a Scam?

textbot ai review

Hey there! Welcome to my Textbot AI Review blog post. You’ve probably landed on this post because you are looking for more information about TextBot.AI.  I’m sure you are curious about all the hype surrounding TextBot AI and the income claims seen online and on Youtube.  Well, you’ve come to the right blog post. 

In this TextBot AI review post, I am going to go over the platform, how it works, what you get when you join, the cost, compensation plan, a demo of the software platform, and my experience with the system thus far since I joined.  I’ll also share my thoughts on who this system is perfect for.

So continue reading to learn more about TextBot AI. 🙂   Don’t feel like reading this full review on TextBot AI and want to go straight to the sales page?  Check out the Quick Review section below for the website link.

TextBot AI

TextBot AI – Quick Overview

  • Creator: Jeff Long
  • Niche: Make Money Online
  • Product Type: SMS Marketing System / Chat Bot / Artificial Intelligence
  • Price: $100 Level (One-time Fee) for AVA Basic or $750 Level (One-time fee) AVA Plus + 3 Different Credit Usage Levels starting at $25, $150 and $500.  Reseller Fee $50 Per Year.
  • Website: Click Here
  • My Overall Rating

Watch my video below for a high level overview and demo of the TextBot.AI platform.

What is “TextBot AI”?

TextBot AI is an automated text messaging platform that allows ANYONE the ability to tap into the power & profitability of text messaging marketing! TextBot is also known as AVA (Automated Virtual Assistant…sort of like your own virtual robot) that helps users promote their businesses without having to speak to anyone.  When you join you receive your own personal phone number to use with AVA and for SMS Marketing using custom keywords (more about this later).  It also has a built in affiliate system so users of the platform can make money when they share the software or platform with others.  

TextBot Chat AVA

Chat Bot Conversations with Leads

Who is the Creator?

The person behind the creation of TextBot.AI (formerly called Abundance Network) is Jeff Long.  I did some research on Jeff and his reputation online is a bit mixed.  He’s definitely a serial entrepreneur from what I read.  I respect that.  That may be a turn off for some people but I’m okay with knowing that about him. He’s obviously not about that 9 to 5 lifestyle and loves to start businesses online.  In full transparency, it’s hard to say how long TextBot AI opportunity/software will be around or how successful it will be.  Since, the cost to join the platform is low in my opinion I’m willing to take the risk and give it a try.  I’ve already received my initial investment back and in profit within a few days of promoting. I see potential in the platform and believe it can help a lot of people make some great money.   

So How Does “TextBot AI” Work?

The main feature of TextBot.ai is AVA your Automated Virtual assistant

AVA holds real time, human-like text message conversations with everyone that is connected to her.  She actually answers questions, delivers information, follows up and can even send any email you want her to and like I said, SHE DOES IT ALL BY TEXT MESSAGE!

The second unique feature of TextBot.ai is the ability to create custom keywords that can be used with the personal phone number you are provided when you join.  When you create a custom keyword, you can have a specific text message go out when the keyword is sent.   For example, let’s say you set up the keyword “FREEWEBSITE“, whenever one of your prospects text that keyword to your phone number, a text message is sent to the prospect with your marketing message. 

Below is my phone number from TextBotAI to test it out for yourself.  Feel free to text the keyword “MAKE100” or “MONEY” to 217-203-9987.  You can also hear a pre-recorded message and hear AVA share how she helps you earn $100 instant payments over and over again. 

The fact that over 98% of text messages are read and over 90% of them are read within 3 minutes makes AVA a very attractive platform to learn all about!  If you want a better and more reliable way to text your leads and customers than you can do it through AVA.    

What is included in “TextBot AI” When You Join?

When you join TextBot AI platform at the AVA Basic level, you’ll receive the following:

  • Built-in Text Chat Bot Called AVA (Automated Virtual Assistant)
  • Your very own personal 10 digit SMS phone number
  • Unlimited Custom keyword Tool
  • Track your affiliate marketing traffic
  • Track your sales
  • Your own affiliate website for promotion
  • Swipe Copy for marketing on social media and email
  • Ability to text message your own leads in real time

When you join you get the above for a one-time fee.  To use the phone number, you will need to purchase usage credits from one of the three packages available.

TextBot AI LeadsScreenshot of the Leads Area of Dashboard

What is the Cost of TextBot? 

The cost to join TextBot AI is extremely affordable.  It is a $100 one-time fee for the software, plus a $50 admin fee paid to the site owner.  You will be issued a phone number and to activate you must purchase usage credit onto your account.  The usage credit can be purchased as one-time packages or low monthly feeds.  The credits allow AVA to communicate with your leads using your new phone number.  I recommend to get started with at least a $25 one-time plan.

These are the usage credit plans to choose from:


Tire Kicker Plan – $25
For Lite Usage
Receive 1,250 credits
$ 0.02 per credit.

Builder Plan – $150
For Medium Usage
Receive 10,000 credits
$01.5 per credit.

Boss Plan – $500
For High Usage
Receive 100,000 credits
$0.01 per credit


Phone Only Plan – $10/month
For pay as you go / maintenance only / a la carte 2 cents per credit
Receive 0 credits

Tire Kicker Plan – $25/month
For Lite Usage
Receive 2,500 credits
$0.01 per credit
$10/month per phone line WAIVED

Builder Plan – $150/month
For Medium Usage
Receive 20,000 credits
$0.075 per credit
$10/month per phone line WAIVED

Boss Plan – $500
For High Usage
Receive 100,000 credits
$0.005 per credit
$10/month per phone line WAIVED

By the way, you can cancel a monthly plan anytime but you must be on at least the $10/per month phone plan to keep your phone number active, otherwise it will expire.

How Does the “TextBot AI” Compensation Plan Work?

Now, let’s get into how you can make some really great money with this platform when you share it with others.  TextBot AI has a Reverse 1 up compensation plan where you earn 100% direct payment from every $100 sale you make and you only ever have to pass up your second sale to your sponsor.  Which means you get your investment back on your first sale. You then use the leverage of the pass up on your second sale to accelerate your cash flow.  Your third sale and onward has to pass up their second sale to you.  And that’s how simple the compensation plan is.  🙂   I love this so much as with other business opportunities, it’s usually a pain to explain how you earn but not with this opportunity.

To become a reseller of TextBot AI software it cost $50 which is paid to the site admin. Your total as a new member when signing up will be a total of $150 + usage credits.  To remain an active reseller, you’ll simply pay $50 annually (per year) to site admin. 

Does “TextBot AI” Come with Bonuses?

TextBot AI does not offer bonuses on their sales page. But, if you like what you’ve read so far and see the potential in TextBot, I’ll thrown in the following extra BONUSES to entice you to join with me:

  1. FREE DFY Branded Lead Generation Funnel when you sign up for an account in Builderall (The Ultimate Internet Marketing Platform) My Custom funnel converts!!
  2. FREE Lead Generation Training – I’ll show you step by step exactly how I am earning money with TextBot using my blog, Safelist, Classifieds, Youtube and Facebook.
  3. Free Image Ads and over 50+ Pre-written ads you can use to post online or social media to generate leads.
  4. Free E-books on the topic of SMS Marketing
  5. Receive a 30 Min Free Coaching or Tech Support Call with me to ask me any questions or get support for setting up your TextBot AI system campaign.
  6. Free “Getting Started Guide” and training that you can follow and copy for your own team
  7. Free mentoring and coaching inside my Private Facebook Group

Just be sure to contact me once you join and I will provide you link to my Team training site and the link to the DFY Branded Funnel you can edit immediately with your trial membership to Builderall.

Is TBAI right for you?

If you are an aspiring or seasoned affiliate marketer looking for a new way to generate leads for your primary business or have made little to zero money online than this program is for you.  This is the easiest and most unique marketing tool and income program to join and make your first $100 dollar online.  What I love most about this program is that you can use it to build up your primary business behind the scenes. 

In my first month of joining TextBot I made $500 and in my spare time.  I’ve since made multiple $100 payments (see income proofs below).  I’ve also generated tons of leads.  Keep in mind, you’ll need to expose the system to as many people as possible per day in order to make sales.  You also have to be a great sponsor and help your new sign ups get started right.  You will have a hard time succeeding in this program if you are not consistent, disciplined and patient.  Must be great at following instructions!!!

With that being said, if you are looking for new way to make money that doesn’t involve messing around with sales funnels and building an email list (although it is good to build a list) then this is the program for you.  It’s an affordable and easy software platform and business opportunity with simple training (only two short videos to watch).  And there are no monthly fees which is awesome!!

Before I wrap up this TextBot AI Review, if you are excited about TBAI, then by all means click the button below and let’s get you started.  If you have any questions, please drop a question below in the comments section and I’ll respond right away.   I want to thank you for reading this TextBot AI Review.  See you in the inside! 🙂

TextBot AI Review – Income Proof Pics

textbot ai review

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TextBot AI Income Proof

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