How to Promote Affiliate Offers to Your Audience

Just a little motivation before we dive into our subject for today…

George Addair once said –

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

I’ve also heard that “The opposite of fear is faith”.

Good stuff…

Well, let’s start at the beginning shall we?

The best products to promote to your online audience are products that you have bought and already use in your business.

First make a list of the membership sites that you belong to, the software that you use etc…

What web hosting company do you use?

Can you promote them as an affiliate?

Do they have any plugins or special apps that work well with their service?

If so, then let’s start with them.

First make a plan for the order or schedule you want to use to promote them to your audience.

If you have 5 products you want to start with, then promote them in some sort of chronological order that makes sense.

For instance promote the web hosting before you decide to promote a plugin for their website.

The reasoning is because they’ll need web hosting before they’ll need the plugin. Make sense?

Then, decide how many days you want to promote each product and mark it on your calendar.

Next decide on the types of bonuses you want to use to entice your audience to buy from you.

Create your bonuses and your strategy for promoting, such as length of time, how many emails you’ll send to your list etc…

I could spend days writing about creating bonuses and we’re not doing that right now, but I will give you an idea.

Get a bunch of PLR e-books on the topic of your affiliate offer and offer them as a bonus as a kit.

Be sure you look at the license and see if the author has given you the rights to do this.

Will you be doing a review for the product?

TIP Many marketers find that they get much better conversions and more sales when they review the product because people want to know what they’re buying.

Once you’ve gotten the links and everything is ready do your pre-selling to your email list and other online audiences & away we go.

Good luck with it!!!