How To Choose a Niche for Affiliate Marketing

The legendary NBA basketball coach Pat Riley once said…

“Look for your choices, pick the best one, and then go with it.”

That is very good advice and is true in many facets in one’s life.

It’s especially true when we apply it to affiliate marketing…

When choosing a niche for affiliate marketing think about what you are passionate about…

What type of products do you buy?

Are they easily marketable?

Make sure that the niche isn’t too broad.

You may need to get more specific for example say if you want to do an affiliate marketing program focused on weight loss.

That is a very broad subject or niche so drill down a little bit…

Let’s do a little research on this…

Go to Quora and in the search bar type the name of the very broad niche you are passionate about like weight loss.

You’ll get a list of the top questions that show up in the Quora search results about weight loss.

Depending on the questions… maybe you would want to focus on weight loss for men or weight loss for women or weight loss for teenagers.

Drill down a little bit more because you don’t want to have too broad of an audience.

Now type the general term of the top 3 questions in the search bar, in our example weight loss for men, weight loss for women or weight loss for teenagers.

The reason being is you don’t want to have too much competition but there has to be enough interest in the subject so people will buy the products that you promote.

There’s going to be a lot less other Affiliates that are promoting products for weight loss for teenagers than just general weight loss.

An example for making money online would be list building, traffic or email marketing.  Just to name a few areas to focus on.

Like Pat Riley said in his quote it’s time to…

“Pick the best one and then go with it.”

Next, you must know your customer…

In the online marketing space it’s called a customer Avatar.

Who are the people that hang out in this niche?

If you’re niche is weight loss for women you know you will be marketing to women.

That’s great but which age group?

Where do they live?

Do they have a family?

Are they married?

Drill down by asking yourself these types of questions about your customer, it’ll help you choose the products you promote & help you with your marketing.

The next step is to make sure there are plenty of products available to promote that other affiliates have promoted and have made money with them.

The way to do that is to go over to Warrior+, JVZoo & Click Bank and search the niche you have chosen for products that have sold and are selling like hot cakes.

Warrior+ has something called “The Deal Of The Day” check out the last 7 days for “The Deal Of The Day” see if there is a common theme with those products.  If so, then you should dig deeper into that niche.

So to recap…

Find a niche that you are passionate about, make sure there is plenty of demand for products in that niche and make sure there are products in your niche that are selling.

Just do as Pat Riley said…

“Look for your choices, pick the best one, and then go with it.”

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