Cash Building System Unlimited Review

Searching for information about Cash Building System Unlimited?  Wondering what all the buzz is about? Well, you’ve come to the right place to get all the deets on CBSU.  I recently joined CBSU after days of research and seeing a ton of income proofs.  I decided to put it to the test and give you my honest opinion.  In this Cash Building System Unlimited Review post, I am going to cover what CBSU is about, how it works, the cost to join, compensation plan, the good and bad and who this is perfect for.

If you are interested in learning more about CBSU, then continue reading. Don’t feel like reading this entire Cash Building System Unlimited Review and want to go straight to the sales page?  Check out the Quick Review section below for the website link. 🙂

Cash Building System Unlimited


Cash Building System Unlimited – Quick Overview

  • Creator: JD Marketing
  • Niche: Make Money/ Wealth Building / Biz Opp
  • Product Type: Offline Marketing System
  • Price: $50 one-time fee (Phase 1), 8 levels/2 Pay positions ($100 to $5,000 costs) (Phase 2)
  • Potential Commissions: $25 to $3,500 per sign up
  • Website: Click Here
  • My Overall Rating:

What is “Cash Building System Unlimited” and How Does it Work?

Cash Building System Unlimited is a direct mail postcard marketing system managed by J.D. Marketing located Senecaville, OH.  The offline business opportunity is a simple two-phase program.

The cost of to join Phase 1 is just a $50 one-time membership fee. You will receive 200 postcards and 200 names of prospects on peel and stick labels to mail your postcards do. You will also receive a phase-two upgrade form, postcard order form, your personal Member ID number and much more. When someone joins the program from your postcard, you will receive another 200 postcards and another 200 names of prospects on peel and stick labels. You will also receive a $25 dollar fast start bonus for each referral. Yes, you read correctly. When you are ready to make bigger money, just upgrade to phase two of our program.  Continue to read ahead to see how the program gets really exciting!

How Much Can You Earn with “Cash Building System Unlimited”? (Compensation Plan Explained)

As mentioned above, in Phase 1, you will earn $25 for each person you personally enroll into CBSU. Now, when you upgrade to Phase 2 of the program, you have the potential to earn an additional $70 to $3,500 for every phase two upgrade membership from your personal referrals and your sponsor will earn up to $20 to $1,000.

Cash Building System Unlimited Compensation Plan

Phase 2 Compensation Chart

Example of how Phase 2 works: Pick the level that you are joining and then pay each member on that level. Your one-time commission will be dependent on your level and the level that each member you personally bring into the program.


Let’s say you join at level four, and your new member joins at level one. You make $70 and your sponsor would earn $20.

If your new member joins level two, you make $350 and your sponsor would earn $100.

If your new member joins level four, you make $1,050 and your sponsor would earn $300. You get the picture.

It’s highly recommended to join phase two as soon as possible to avoid missing out on future commissions. If you are not a member of phase two, then the program admin will send your sponsor’s phase two upgrade form to your new members.  

Now let’s talk about additional earnings you can make in CBSU with cash bonuses.

  • With Fast start bonus, you will be paid $25 for each new phase one member that you have personally enrolled into the program.
  • Next, Spill over bonus, you will get paid up to the level of phase two that you have signed up for. Any money above that goes to your sponsor up to their level. This is spill over.
  • Finally Upgrade bonus…If one of your personal downline members upgrades to a higher phase two level you will receive $200 per level, you can upgrade at any time just send in the difference between the level you are currently at the level that one you are upgrading to.

That’s pretty much how you can earn with CBSU.  It’s really a simple and easy to understand the compensation plan. 

What Do You Get When You Join “CBSU”?

When you join CBSU, your $50 one-time investment at Phase 1 provides you the following:

  • Lifetime Membership into this business opportunity
  • Welcome Letter with your personal Sponsor ID number
  • 200 postcards and 200 leads with addresses on peel and stick sheets
  • A “Phase 2” Upgrade Form
  • An Order form to order additional Postcards and Leads
  • Qualification to earn $25 FAST START BONUS for every person you refer to the system.

This is a low-cost business opportunity to start and you have the potential to earn great money from doing something really simple.  

Example Postcard

The Good 

Cash Building System really stands out in a number of ways. Specifically…

  • The owner of J.D. Marketing (Jay Dagan) has been in business for over 10 years plus.  He’s ran several legit businesses over the years ethically.
  • You get postcards and leads when you start.  Not very often, can you start a business where the leads are provided to you.  This gives you a greater chance to making money.  Plus, the leads belong to you and you can send these leads other income opportunities to them.
  • A simple business with the following…
    • NO Experience Needed
    • NO Computer Required
    • NO Internet Connection Needed
    • NO Confusing Systems
    • NO Selling to Strangers
    • NO Product Inventory to Maintain
    • NO Autoship or Minimum Orders
    • NO Answering Questions
    • NO Hotel Meetings to Attend
    • NO Cold Calling
    • NO Explaining to Anyone
    • NO Chasing Friends or Family
  • Can be done around your schedule.  

However, Cash Building System Unlimited isn’t perfect. It does have a few flaws. Read onto learn what they are…

The Bad 

No direct mail marketing business is perfect, and Cash Building System Unlimited is no exception. However, while CBSU does have its flaws, I didn’t see any real deal breakers in my opinion. There’s nothing really that would make me hesitate to recommend the program. However, you should be aware of these potential problems…

  • Your marketing kit will take between 7 to 10 business days to arrive.  Since this is an offline business, when you join, you will need to wait almost two weeks for your marketing kit to arrive.  If you are impatient and want to start promoting right away, you can always print out flyers at home about the opportunity with your sponsor ID number on it and pass it out to people.  But better yet, you can promote this online by using CBSU’s website and your sponsor ID OR have a small personal website built with your information on it.  I have a website here to see how I am doing it. 
  • You will need to buy stamps to mail out the 200 postcards which is an additional expense in the business.   After you pay the $50 to join, you will need to consider another $80 bucks to spend on postcard stamps from the USPS.  Stamps are 40 cents each.  However, when you join my team, I provide a reliable source for buying stamps at up to 50% discount…comes out to as low as 23 cents.  Although an added expense, you don’t have to break your wallet with buying stamps with our reliable source. 
  • Your commissions are mailed to you which can be a risk.  When people join you from the postcard or online, J.D. Marketing will mail out your commissions.  The company will process the member transaction and then mail you your commissions over the US Postal Service.  This can be a risk because your money can possibly get lost in the mail.  So far no members have reported missing commissions in the mail from JD Marketing.
  • You will only get 200 postcards and 200 leads once when you join.  Unless you get a sign up from your batch of cards, you will need to purchase additional postcards and leads if you would like to continue running the business offline.  Now, there is the option to promote this business online and generate leads and sign ups to the business opportunity.  You will earn commissions and receive more postcards and leads automatically from the company.  

Although, there are a few flaws with CBSU there are some workarounds that you can try to see great success with it.  

Is “Cash Building System Unlimited” a Scam?

No, Cash Building System Unlimited is NOT a Scam!  It is a legitimate offline marketing system with a product. The product consists of leads and proven to convert postcards. All members will have access to a pre-recorded sales phone line and company website to promote to their leads. Simply provide your sponsor ID to your leads while sending them to either the CBSU phone line or website. Top leaders of the program provide weekly training and opportunity calls to help our members succeed.  From beginners to seasoned marketers are making great money with CBSU.

Here are just a few of the earnings or income proofs from myself and some of the members below. 

My first payment!

Is “CBSU” right for you? The Verdict…

Despite a few of the minor negatives mentioned earlier, I whole-heartedly recommend Cash Building System Unlimited to anyone who wants to make extra money without having to sell, recruit, hold product inventory, build a funnel, be on social media, etc. That’s because CBSU is a simple, affordable business in a box with everything provided to you…postcards, leads, reseller rights, pre-recorded sales line and company website.   

The program is extremely user-friendly.  Simply mailout your postcards and let the system do the work. In all transparency, I have received three payments in my mailbox totaling $145 within 3 weeks of signing up BUT these were online sign ups. I will update this blog post periodically with my results from postcards I have mailed out. 

Again, if you are a new to making money online or have struggled to make money online or offline with other things, then Cash Building System Unlimited may be perfect for you.   

I hope this thorough and honest Cash Building System Unlimited review will help you make an informed decision.  If after reading this post you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment below or reach me through my contact page here

Otherwise if you love what you’ve read and want to join immediately, then click the button below and get started.  As soon as you join, reach out to me immediately! I will send you my New Member Welcome google doc with bonus training and goodies.  Look forward to having you on-board!