Can I Earn a Passive Income with Builderall? Find Out Now!

You’ve probably landed on this blog post while looking for information about Builderall. You’ve heard some really positive things about Builderall and wondering to yourself “Can I earn a passive income with Builderall?

Well, that’s an excellent question… and the answer is….“Yes, you most definitely can!”

And we’re not talking about you creating your own online products and making sales on autopilot.

While all that’s great, and Builderall makes it easy for you to sell, one of the biggest advantages of being a Builderall member is that you can promote the platform as an affiliate – for VERY lucrative commissions.

In today’s post, I’m going to go over how Builderall’s affiliate program works and what you need to know before becoming an affiliate.

So if you want to know about Builderall’s lucrative affiliate program and what to expect, then continue reading this post!

What is Builderall?

Ok just in case you landed on my post and do not know what Builderall is let me take a few minutes to share what it is all about.

Builderall is the most complete digital marketing platform on the web.
It brings together in one platform all the tools that a large or small business owner, professional, freelance professional, affiliate, content producer, influencer need to leverage their business.

Any business today needs to be online with at least a 1 page website, that is why this is an everlasting niche. New businesses are opening all over the world every day in all kinds of niches and they will need to have an online presence to survive.

So every business in your neighborhood, city, state, country, or continent will need a tool like Builderall, and you can be part of it while getting paid on a recurring basis to offer a must-have for the survival of any of these businesses out there, or yet to come.

How the Builderall Affiliate Program Works

As with most affiliate products, once you sign up as a paying member of Builderall, you’ll be automatically approved to promote it.

Currently, Builderall costs $29.90 per month for the Builder Plan.
The Premium plan costs $69.90 per month.
There’s also a Funnel Club (where you can access hundreds of templates) which costs $199 (a one-time fee) and $99.90 monthly.

You’ll get paid a 100% commission (first commission for every lead) if you make a sale of any of these products. After that, you’ll receive 30% commission every month for as long as your lead remains subscribed to Builderall.

Let’s look at a very modest example…

Let’s assume you make 2 affiliate sales of Builderall Premium a month. You’ll have 24 sales a year. This is easily achievable if you put in some effort.

Generally, members don’t quit if their business is doing well because if you’re hosted on Builderall and your business is built on the platform, it’s easier to just stay on.

So if all your 24 members stay on, you’re looking at a monthly passive income of $503.28. Imagine that! Just for 24 sales. Builderall is a gift that keeps on giving.

What if you could bring in 5 members a month? Your monthly passive income will be $1,258.20.

Achieving these numbers is within the realm of reason. In fact, the top Builderall affiliates are making six figures. If they can do it, so can you.
Quite frankly, the Builderall platform is so cool and full of fantastic features that it just sells itself. It’s cheaper than ClickFunnels, Kartra and other competitors and it works well.

What more could you ask for?

As long as you build an audience, provide value and send traffic to the sales page, it’s inevitable that you’ll make sales.

But it gets even better!

The 2-Tier affiliate program

Builderall has a 2-tier affiliate program.

What does that mean?

Let’s assume you promote Builderall to your friend, Matt. Now he signs up and is a paying member.

Matt loves Builderall so much that he can’t wait to tell his marketer buddies and his list subscribers about it. So, Matt starts promoting Builderall too (using his affiliate link).

Here’s where the magic happens…

You get 30% commission on the sales that Matt brings in. So not only does Matt make 30%, but you do too! And you’ve not done a thing. Matt is doing all the heavy lifting here.

Now, following the earlier example let’s you make 24 sales a year ($503.28) – what if out of those 24 leads, 4 decide to promote Builderall?

Let’s be modest and assume that each of the 4 affiliates (your leads) makes only 4 sales each per year.

Your monthly passive income will jump to $838.80 a month! It’s no longer $503.28. The 2-tier program has boosted your income.

Builderall Calculator

You can check out your numbers by using the Builderall calculator on their affiliate website shown here.

Is your heart beating faster yet?

What if you brought in 100 leads, and 10 of them became affiliates and made 12 sales a year each (1 a month)?

Your monthly passive income will be $4,613.40! This is the type of income that allows you to quit your day job!

And this income can be over and above what you earn from your actual business. The possibilities are endless.

What you should know

It’s important to note that this is not a pyramid scheme. Builderall is an actual service that people are using. It’s not just members recruiting members recruiting members and on and on…

No! Builderall is a real platform that offers value to thousands of marketers. You’re promoting a ‘service’ that helps people. It just happens to have a 2-tier affiliate program like so many other products out there. So, don’t panic.
You should also note that to truly succeed with the Builderall’s affiliate program, it’d be a good idea to venture into the ‘make money online’ niche. This is where you’ll find your most hungry buyers and affiliates.

You could build a team of affiliates and coach them. If they make money, you’ll make money. So, everyone is happy – and even without them, if you’re generating sales on your own, you’ll still earn your commission. Slightly less, but still good.

There are so many opportunities with Builderall. If you focus on building a passive income by promoting it, within a year, you could be making more than what you would with most other affiliate programs.

Builderall is awesome… and the affiliate opportunities make it even better.
Here’s just a few the income proofs myself and others are making with Builderall.

Now before I wrap up this post. If you are excited about what you’ve read in this post about making passive income with Builderall. Then I invite you to try out Builderall for just a $1.00 and take advantage of their affiliate program. Here is a link to sign up to receive my special $1.00 offer.

If you happen to already be a customer or member of Builderall and want to get your hands on the sales funnel that I use to earn passive income with Builderall then go here. This funnel includes up to 30 days of follow up emails that will drip on your customer and help you sell Builderall. It’s pretty amazing and you’ll have a complete Builderall business in a box.

So I invite you to start Start promoting Builderall today!