25 Dollar 1Up Review (2020) | Newbie-Friendly Marketing System To Earn Between $25 to $1000 Per Day

Hey there! Welcome to my review post for 25 Dollar 1Up. You’ve probably landed on this post because you are looking for more information about 25 Dollar 1 Up.  I’m sure you are curious about all the hype surrounding 25 Dollar 1 Up and the income claims seen online and on Youtube.  Well, you’ve come to the right blog post.  In this 25 Dollar 1 Up review post, I am going to go over the 25 Dollar 1 Up opportunity, what is included in this program, the cost involved in being a member, demo of the back office and my experience with the program thus far since I first joined in summer of 2018.  I’m also going to cover who this system is perfect for.

So continue reading to learn more about 25D1UP. 🙂    Don’t feel like reading this full review on 25 Dollar 1 Up and want to go straight to the sales page?  Check out the Quick Review section below for the website link.

25 Dollar 1 Up Review

25 Dollar 1 Up – Quick Overview

  • Creator: TJ Holloway
  • Niche: Make Money Online
  • Product Type: Digital Products (Ebooks, Videos, PDF, etc)
  • Price: $10 (One-time Hosting Fee) + 5 Different Membership Levels starting at $25, $100, $250, $500 and $1000.
  • Website: Click Here
  • My Overall Rating

Watch my video below for a high level overview and demo of the platform.

So What is “25 Dollar 1 Up”?

25 Dollar 1 Up is a simple newbie-friendly branding, training and marketing system with 5 membership levels along with the ability to make money with the system by sharing it with others via a capture page and 15 minute presentation video.   It’s compensation plan is very straight forward and easy to understand.

It is a Reverse 1Up compensation plan where you make 100% direct payment from every sale.  Which means you get your product purchase back on your first sale. You then use the leverage of the pass up on your second sale to accelerate your cash flow.  Your third sale to infinity has to pass up their second sale to you.  Create a team with this method and well you’ll be making some serious money.  And that’s how simple it is.  Even their website is only a few paragraphs covering this system which may make you skeptical and believe they are hiding more but they are actually not. 🙂

25 Dollar 1Up Review in 2020

Sample Landing Page #1

25 Dollar 1 up landing page

Sample Landing Page #2

25 Dollar 1Up Review in 2020 Capture Page

The 25 Dollar 1 Up program lets you create a free account to check out dashboard and see the success stories before even signing up so you can determine if this right for you or not.

What is included in “25 Dollar 1 Up”?

The 25 Dollar 1 Up system consist of an affiliate dashboard and 5 membership levels as follows:

The Gold level is $25 and includes:

  •  700+ Pre written ads, scripts, & follow up messages
  •  Facebook group cheatsheet
  •  Mindset training videos
  •  Step by step system tutorials

The Platinum Level is $100 and includes:

  •  Facebook marketing video course
  •  YouTube marketing video course
  •  Instagram marketing video course
  •  The ability to add up to 12 banner ads to promote to your down line.
  •  The ability to add your own 3rd party auto responder
  •  The ability to add 1 video to brand yourself to your downline

The Diamond Level is $250 (+ $25 Software fee) and includes:

  • All Gold level features
  •  All Platinum level features
  •  List Building 101 video course
  •  The Digital Marketing Lifestyle video course
  •  The $10K Blueprint video course
  •  Teespring video course
  •  The ability to add your own sales video
  •  The ability to create a bridge page

The Enterprise Level is $500 (+ $50 Software fee) and includes:

  •  All Gold Level Features
  •  All Platinum level features
  •  All Diamond Level Features
  •  How To Close High Ticket Sales video course
  •  How To Systemize Your Online Businesses video course
  •  Video Marketing In The Modern Day video course
  •  How To Create Your Own Product video course
  •  Growth Mindset video course
  •  The Power Of Execution video course
  •  The ability to add up to 12 videos in the back office

The Elite Level is $1000 (+ $100 Software fee) and includes:

  •  All Gold Level Features
  •  All Platinum level features
  •  All Diamond Level Features
  •  All Enterprise Level Features
  •  And more…

As you can see if you order the highest level package first you’ll be qualified at all levels below that package.  But with this system, you can start off at the lowest level and work your way up.  Each membership level introduces you to new educational products and system features to help build you up as an online marketer for 25D1Up system or any other business you promote. Grow your businesses and increase your confidence as an online marketer over time.

What is the Cost of “25 Dollar 1 Up”?

The cost to join 25 Dollar 1 Up is extremely affordable.  You can join with a minimum of $35 which includes a $10 hosting fee plus Gold Level membership.  This host fee covers hosting your affiliate pages and customer data.  The membership level prices as are as follows:

  • The Gold Level is $25 
  • The Platinum Level is $100
  • The Diamond Level is $250 (+ $25 Software fee)
  • The Enterprise Level is $500 (+ $50 Software fee) 
  • The Elite Level is $1000 (+ $100 Software fee) 

Now, there are no bonuses from the vendor as this is already a massive deal as it is, BUT if you join me in 25D1UP, I’ll thrown in the following bonuses:

  1. FREE DFY Branded Lead Generation Funnel when you partner with me in Builderall (The Ultimate Internet Marketing Platform) My Custom funnel converts!!
  2. FREE Lead Generation Training – I’ll show you step by step exactly how I am building up my 25D1UP system with Craigslist, Solo Ads, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook.
  3. Free Image Ads and Pre-written ads you can use to post online or social media to generate leads.
  4. Receive a 30 Min Free Coaching or Tech Support Call with me to ask me any questions or get support for setting up your 25 Dollar 1 Up system campaign.
  5. Free “Getting Started Guide” on Google Docs that you can copy and use for your own team
  6. Free mentoring and coaching inside my Private Facebook Group

Just be sure to contact me once you join and I will provide you link to my Team training site and the link to the DFY Branded Funnel you can edit immediately with your trial membership to Builderall.

Is “25 Dollar 1 Up” right for you?

If you are an aspiring affiliate or internet marketer and have made little to zero money online than this program is for you.  This is the most simplest money-making program to join and make your first dollar online.  But even an experienced marketer like myself will enjoy this program because you can use this as a way to build up your primary business.

I have been a 25 Dollar 1 Up member for a couple of years and have already generated over a thousand leads and personally sponsored many people into the system.  As of this blog post I’ve made $1, 575 dollars.  It’s not a ton of money and that’s because not all members stay active and its a numbers game.  You need to expose the system to as many people as possible daily in order to make sales.  You also have to be a great sponsor and help your new sign ups get started right.  You will have a hard time succeeding in this program if you are not consistent, disciplined and patient.  Must be a great at following instructions!!!

With that being said, if you are looking to get your feet wet with online marketing than this is the program for you.  It’s an affordable and easy business opportunity with various training at each level.  There are no monthly fees which is awesome!!

If you are interested in 25 Dollar 1 Up and want to get started in affiliate marketing, then by all means click the button below and let’s get you paid.

25 Dollar 1up income proof

25 Dollar 1up Commission

25 Dollar 1Up Income Proof

25 Dollar 1 Up Income Proof

25 Dollar 1Up Income Proof